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【Institute Introduction】

       Guobang Drug Research Institute is primarily grouped by Huada Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Dongying Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Shandong Guobang Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Xinchang Hebao Institute of Biology, Zhejiang Zhongtong Research Institute of Science and Technology, and Gongsheng Institute of Materials Research, and supported by R&D teams in each enterprise.

       Presently, there are more than 400 researchers, and the future scale in 3-5 years will be expanded to 600 to form the first-class R&D teams led by excellent researchers with different backgrounds, and to form professional and technical departments with functions from selections of projects, development and cooperation, declaration and registration, to research in process control, research in environmental protection, and integrated management.


Innovation Platform:


Cooperation in Scientific Research




Laboratories, equipment, instruments, and so on

       More than 100 apparatus, including high performance liquid chromatography,small home test laboratory, pilot laboratory, standardized multi-function pilot plant workshop, stability laboratory, microbiology laboratory, spray drying, high pressure homogenizer, immobilized fluidized bed, and microreactor.


Achievements in Scientific Research

  •        More than 20 national, provincial, and municipal projects

  •        Seven science and technology progress awards

  •        Appraisal of achievements in science and technology of Shandong Guobang Institute of Pharmaceutical Research:
  1.        Project appraisal report of continuous preparation of potassium borohydride

  2.        Project appraisal report of continuous preparation of γ-chlorobutyric acid methyl ester

  3.        Project appraisal report of study on key technologies in green production process of Flofloxacin

  •        Shandong provincial innovation project of technology:
  1.        Study on key technologies in resource utilization of applying thionyl chloride in organic synthesis and its application

  2.        Study on the synthetic process of florfenicol sodium succinate

  3.        Study on high efficiency separation technology of sodium methoxide

  4.        Study on the synthetic process of N-hydroxyethyl piperazine

  5.        Study on the synthetic process of albendazole

Research contents


  1.        Innovative drug research: the design and synthesis of new compounds with effects of anti-bacterial infections, blood sugar lowering and blood lipids reduction, the studies in efficacy, toxicology, and clinic with related departments

  2.        New imitation drugs: such as quinolones (Moxifloxacin), anti-clotting (Rivaroxaban, Apixaban), anti-diabetes (Vildagliptin, Sitagliptin Phosphate), Antihypertensive (Azilsartan), prostate-treatment (Solifenacin)

  1.        Microcapsule, sustained-release agent, controlled-release agent.Mainly focus on the development of microcapsules semi-preparation of new macrolides and quinolones

  1.        Modified starch microcapsule embedding agent,enteric coated auxiliary material,microcrystalline cellulose, etc.

  1.        Animal special drugs,new pharmaceutical preparations and new applications

  1.        Nitrogen-containing heterocycle, Fluoride-containing and Boron-containing compounds.Mainly focus on the development of green technologies of pharmaceutical intermediates with nitrogen-containing heterocycle such as N-ethyl piperazine, cyclic amphetamine, and so on

  1.        Modularity of modular response,automation of device integration

  1.        Technology in High-efficient catalysis,high-efficient separation,industrial wastes disposal;

Overall objectives



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