【President Speech】


Welcome to Guobang Group website!

       Guobang Group has been committed to become an international and non-regional company with the core of pharmaceutical & chemical technology and the staple industry of life-health.
       Guobang’s employees are advocated to work and live in the moral height, which is the duty of each person to have a single skill, respect the post and love their family;
       Guobang regards "sharing the beauty of science, nature and life," as the business purpose, focus on building the platform, cast enterprise development and staff growth path with partial flat and small team;
       Guobang adhering to the “establish the country through electing talent, build the state by industry thrives“as the corporate philosophy, to bear social stability and local economic development and take it as proud, esteem in the global scope of the unlimited population as the goal of the industry value;
       Having you accompanied, we share all the way! Thank you for your attention and support!


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