【Group Industry】

Medical section:
Group Pharmaceutical section constituted by the Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongtong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the Guobang Pharmaceutical Research Institute.
The pharmaceutical industry is the main industry of Guobang Group. The internationalization of APIs, standardized certification, environmental safety and other public technology development and application, provide a strong guarantee for the scale of production and supply of the global market. The development of polymer pharmaceutical excipients, slow release coating and skeleton materials, food additives, etc. is also the leading industry in future. Scale, intensive, standardized management is the Group's main strategy, both to provide high quality and efficiency, but also to green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon products.
The Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of macrocyclic esters and quinolones APIs in the world, with more than 40% in domestic and international markets production capacity and market.
The group had a first-class R&D team, nearly a hundred people are doctoral or master's degree and other qualifications in serving researchers; built a national post-doctoral mobile workstations, current there are 4 post-doctoral in workstation; meanwhile own first-class experimental equipment and detecting instrument for research and development.
All products passed the domestic GMP certification, the main products through the US FDA, the EU EDMF, South Korea KFDA, Japan PMDA, Brazil ANVISA certification.

Chemical section:
Group Chemical section constituted by the Shandong Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Xinchang Gongsheng materials company.
Chemical industry is the main industry of Guobang group, adhering to large-scale, intensive, standardized development and management philosophy of the group, provide a high quality and efficiency, green, environmental protection, low-carbon products to the community. Mainly around the special active metal compounds, advanced amine series of compounds, new energy materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary drugs to carry out business. Series of lithium compounds are the main raw material for electric vehicle batteries, which is the country encouraged new energy materials.
Sodium borohydride, potassium borohydride, trimethyl borate, sodium hydride, methyl piperazine, ethyl piperazine, cyclopropylamine, florfenicol and other products shared more than 40% worldwide market.

Veterinary and feed section:
Veterinary medicine and feed section is an important industry of Guobang Group, mainly constituted by Xinchang Hebao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. constitute. Feed additives are early industry in the group.
Xinchang Hebao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and operation of veterinary drugs and feed additives in group. It is the leading enterprise of the national veterinary medicine industry. Its products are the brand products of the Ministry of Agriculture. Large-scale, multi-species, internationalization is the company's business strategy.
Companies and domestic professional well-known agricultural institutions, research institutions have good cooperation, is editorial members of the Guobang Department of Agriculture “Chinese veterinary pharmacopoeia”.
Veterinary raw material drug products are quinolones, anti-coccidia, vitamins, flies, and florfenicol, etc.; veterinary drug preparation products are veterinary drug premix, powder, granules, masking agent, Chinese medicine powder, water, Injection and so on. Feed additives products are a variety of vitamin biscuits powder.
Production of products passed the ISO9002 international certification, passed ISO9001: 2000 for version certification; also passed the Ministry of Agriculture GMP certification, the main products passed the US FDA certification.
Built a strong sales network and customer service team, veterinary drugs sold to more than 90 countries and regions, veterinary drugs in the country by consumers welcome and recognized, enjoy the reputation.

Service section:
The company's service industry is composed of Xinchang Guobang Import and Export Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Guobang Modern Medicine Co., Ltd., General Import and Export Co., Ltd., Guobang Hongyin Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Guoyi Industry Co., Ltd.
The company has cold chain facilities and pharmaceuticals and other materials storage facilities, a sound detecting and analysis center, a professional service team. Guobang Modern Pharmaceutical Company passed the domestic GLP certification, provided business allocation, logistics and distribution of high quality and efficient services for customers in need.
The company promoted Guobang&Chaolonghui building is located in Hangzhou, which is a set of special experience shopping malls, boutique business hotels, high-end mansion, elite apartments and intelligent office space as one of the large commercial and commercial projects. The project is located in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center area, close to the G20 summit main venue, 2022 Asian Games main venue, which is the new CBD center in Hangzhou. Metro Line 2 and Line 6 meet here. The project will provide services to customers in need.

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